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If you watch this free presentation you’ll get a clear picture about GDPR and the tasks involved to achieve full compliance. You will find a reliable solution that helps you in performing all the tasks required by the regulation and can answer your questions.


  • Brief introduction to DSS Consulting Plc. and the full and continuous compliance tasks with GDPR
  • Introduction and advantages of GDPRoofed software
  • Questions and answers of participants

May 25, 2018 was a major milestone in the life of most companies, as from that date, with GDPR’s entry into force, a number of requirements must be met regarding the handling and storage of personal data. Compliance is considered by many to be a one-time task, but the regulation expects the continuous compliance – this is where our GDPRoofed software can be of great help.

GDProofed is a data protection recording system with legislation and version tracking, which supports and facilitates the performance of the registration tasks required by the regulation, thereby assisting you in achieving full GDPR compliance. Such tasks include keeping up-to-date records of data management activities, recording various data transfers, right requests, impact assessments, and properly documenting data breach incidents.

Our opinion is that manual and Excel-based solutions make daily recording tasks cumbersome when it comes to handling a certain amount of data. GDPRoofed is a reliable and sophisticated software solution that helps in accomplishing the registration tasks of the regulation as a simple routine rather than a constant challenge. This will allow you to respond more quickly to the requests of data subjects, and in the event of an audit, to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Authority.

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