25th of May, 2018 was just the starting date for GDPR compliance

The date when GDPR entered into force was a major milestone, as almost every company will have to comply with new, stricter and more comprehensive conditions for the management and storage of personal data.

Since then, we have found that the uncertainty surrounding GDPR compliance and the number of open data management issues have not been significantly reduced, so that a significant number of companies still find it difficult to interpret and enforce the Data Protection Regulation.
This is the reason why we wish to help with the following:

We make compliance easier

The performance of these tasks require serious legal and IT expertise, while our specialist colleagues have considerable experience in the field.

We reduce the risks of fines

A fine that can be up to 20 million Euros can be easily mitigated by proper preparation and meeting the requirements.

We keep up continuously

The regulation requires continued compliance from organizations, which we support with our software especially designed for this.


It can be seen that in the case of more and more companies, in addition to being fined, they are mostly afraid of reputational risks due to inadequate data management. In addition there is a growing number of companies that are beginning to realize the business potential of good data management.

Our experience has shown that, although the regulation applies to almost all companies, we can effectively support the needs of the large and small and medium-sized enterprises with various means.

Upgrade your GDPR data management records and achieve full compliance!

Please choose according to your company’s size.