Software for recording data processing activities


Managing GDPR related tasks in an efficient and simple way.


Documenting data processing activities based on article 6., 30., 32

Documentation for excercising right requests based on article No. 12

Documenting data transfers based on article No.24., 28

Documenting Incidents based on article No.33.,34.

Documenting preliminary Impact Assessment on data protection based on article No.35.

Reports and warnings

Why should you record your personal data processing activities in the GDPRoofed software?


The functionalities meet the requierements set in the regulation for recording the processing activities

The software has been developed with the primary focus to become compliant with the regulation

All the activities can be tracked. Which data, when and by whom has been modified?

Administering user rights to solve who can access the data

Embedded know-how and methodologies (e.g. French CNIL methodology for impact assessment)

Requirements and feed-backs coming from customers dealing with GDPR have been also implemented in the software

Ready-to-use solution

The logic for recording data processing activities can be established with hard work

Continuous, automatic legal monitoring

Supports users with automatisms and reports

Possibility to control mass data deletion

Data upload with Excel

Many distinctive functions can be added

The colleagues know how to use the software

Clear structure, easy to maintain

Options for generating customized reports

It can be learned quickly, in a few hours

Excel file

If there are more than one systems, it can be complicated


Personal data asset mapping

GDPR compliance, GAP analysis

Automatic detection of personal data in systems, Excel files.

Full legal and IT security counselling

Project experiences, opinions



In order to achieve compliance efficiently with GDPR, the bank implements the GDPRoofed software developed by DSS Consulting Ltd.



"Your company was chosen as a result of an extensive process. At the personal meeting we got the expression of an experienced, professional company that was very convincing! Along the preparation phase we got answers to our questions and we got the perfect solution for all the issues. Thanks to its structured way the software will help our colleagues in their work and will give us a safe support at the occasional controls.

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      Avoid the fines, use GDPR to your own advantage!

      Using our software you will not only comply with GDPR, you'll also have an actual data map of the company. You'll always know your actual data asset.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do you have a filing system to keep a record of the processing activities based on the article No.30. of GDPR?

      Beginning from the 25th of May all the companies that work with personal data (e.g. personal data of customers or employees) must keep a record of data processing activities.


      If you have already started the preparation phase do you also know what are the daily tasks after the 25th of May?

      The 25th of May is not a final date to present your documention but from that date onwards recording data processing activities become a daily task.


      Whom does it concern?

      GDPR applies to every business that processes personal data of European citizens.


      How can we help you?

      Our GDPRoofed software gives you a long-term solution with legal monitoring to perform the tasks provided for in GDPR.


      What kind of functions does our software have?

      GDPRoofed is a long-term software solution in compliance with GDPR's records of processing activities. Contains the following:

      • Documenting data processing activities based on article 6., 30., 32
      • Documenting data transfers based on article No.24., 28
      • Documentation for excercising right requests based on article No. 12
      • Documenting Incidents based on article No.33.,34. 
      • Documenting preliminary Impact Assessment on data protection based on article No.35.

      What is its main purpose?

      The purpose of GDPR is the protection of personal data and privacy; the user is in its focus. Your company is concerned if it processes any data of its customers, for example from the following:

      • Name
      • Address
      • Location
      • Online ID
      • Medical information
      • Income
      • Cultural profile
      • National identity
      • Religious views

      What is the difference between the GDPRoofed software solution and an excel-based registry?

      GDPRoofed contains all the functions for the records of processing activities provided for in GDPR, while excel is a blank sheet that needs a logic for data recording and it is difficult to manage. With our software compliance with the regulation is guaranteed.


      I understand that there is a software, but what pieces of information are needed and how are these collected?

      In the software, the data management activities specified by the regulation are carried out. Usually, one of the most difficult challenges of these is the collection of the data management activities. We can support the efficient assessment with consultation, the data upload can be supported with a data loader Excel template or by importing an Excel created by you, in case you don’t want to fill out the information on the interface during the first upload. Moreover, we can provide legal and information security advice during the entire preparation process.


      What sanctions can I expect if I do nothing?

      The sanctions of omitting compliance with GDPR requirements can be:

      • a fine of 20 million € or
      • 4% of the company's annual income

      Who are we?

      For 20 years now DSS Consulting Ltd. has been providing IT services to leading companies and governmental institutions in Hungary. For almost 15 years along the IT developments we have been working on projects related to the management, quality assurance and cleansing of personal data. Based on these experiences, together with our legal experts and IT security partners, we give you support in your GDPR compliance related tasks. Our solution has been developed focusing on the challenges represented by activities of data processing.

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