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According to our experience most big corporations have already achieved the status of full compliance with GDPR but when it comes to keep up this status they are facing challenges. The GDPRoofed data privacy management software will help you with this!

Why is it important that your enterprise starts using GDPRoofed?

Data records tasks will become more simple

A complete, unified, closed and accountable system

Reduces working time spent on data registration

Automatically follows the subsequent changes in the legislation

Helps you with deleting data in bulk

It makes you confident in the case of an audit

Why is GDPRoofed more than an excel sheet?

As we experienced, the companies try to perform their data management tasks with the help of Excel sheets in most cases – but soon they are faced with the disadvantages, insecurities and the cumbersome maintenance of these. More and more companies are choosing a real corporate solution to this task commensurate with the size of the work and the risks of fines.

Features* GDPRoofed Excel sheet
Features that meet all the registration requirements of the Regulation.
Changes within the registers can be tracked and accounted for.
Built-in access control defining who can access what type of data (Active Directory integration)
Built-in know-how and methodologies (e.g. CNIL impact assessment methodology)
Continuous and automatic follow up of subsequent changes in the legislation.
Supports users with automated features and generating reports.
Deleting data in bulk.
Handling data subjects rights in an automated way.
Built-in reports and alerts enhancing user experience.
Easy to maintain, transparent structure.
Manages multiple company structures easily (e.g. parent companies, subsidiaries)
Built-in extra features based on customer feedback.
Logical structures can be designed by time consuming work.

* The features may differ at certain products. To find out more, contact us.

GDPRoofed free online presentation

If you want to find out more about GDPRoofed with the least effort, please contact us and get acquainted with our software through an online presentation.

What kind of registration tasks can be performed with GDPRoofed?

In an implicit or explicit way, the Regulation requires that companies perform a number of registration tasks. The GDPRoofed software has been designed in such a way that it contains all the compulsory registration tasks required by the Regulation.

Register of data processing activities (GDPR art.6., 30., 32.)

The most important module of GDPRoofed where all the activities related to data management and processing can be collected, adding the data subjects in question, the purpose of processing and the related legal basis.

Register of data breach incidents (GDPR art. 33., 34.)

GDPRoofed is an excellent tool for the tracking of data breach incidents, showing which system and what type of data are affected. The supervisory authority can be easily notified about the data breach incidents.

Data protection impact assessment (GDPR art.35)

The impact assessment focuses on the impact of the planned data processing activities on the protection of personal data. The methodology recommended by (NADF) is supported by GDPRoofed.

Register of rights of the data subjects (GDPR art.12)

GDPRoofed will store the information related to the exercise of rights of the data subjects (rights of access, rectification or erasure). Information about how and when the specific request has been met can also be stored.

Register of data transfers (GDPR art.24, 28)

The application can store all the data transfers providing the possibility of backtracking. Information on the mode of the data transfer, the types of data that have been transferred, and the receiving party as well.

Available products

GDPRoofed No integration Integration

How data is stored



Satisfies the mandatory registration tasks Yes Yes
Integration with Source Systems Not supported Supported
Bulk data deletion control Not supported Supported

Keeping personal records

Manually Automatically
Conducting relevant inquiries Manually Automatically

Time needed for implementation

about 1 month

depending on the number of the systems from

3 to 6 months

Price I am interested → I am interested →

Our experience shows that at the introduction of a new software it is beneficial to start working with the version where there is no integration, and when the software has already been implemented, it can be upgraded to the integrated version. This way compliance with the regulation can already be achieved during the introduction of the integrated version.

The 3+1 steps of the introduction


In the case of a cloud based version it is deployed on our server. In the case of on-premise version it is deployed following the preparation of the environment on the customer’s server.


The previously created inventory of data assets and other available GDPR records are loaded into the software.


With the user accounts the software is immediately available for use.


 In Enterprise+ version, the GDPRoofed software gets integrated with the most important Source Systems.

GDPRoofed will help you, if you wish to achieve full compliance with GDPR. Contact us and we will help you with our customized offer!

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